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  • Applying insulation.

    Applying Insulation.

  • Insulated Roof

    Insulated Roof

  • Open Cell insulation in a metal building.

    Insulation in a custom home.

  • Open Cell insulation in a metal building.

    Open Cell insulation in a metal building.

  • Spraying SEALECTION 500

    Spraying SEALECTION 500

  • Closed Cell Insulation...metal building.

    Closed Cell Insulation...metal building.

  • Insulation in a new residential structure.

    Insulation in a new residential structure.

  • Increases energy efficiency by blocking air flow.

    Increases energy efficiency by blocking air flow.

Baldy Mountain Construction is an approved applicator for SEALECTIONTM 500 spray foam. SEALECTIONTM 500 is a complete insulation and air barrier system that insulates and air seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities against air movement, including spaces around electrical outlets, baseboards, and where the walls meet windows and doors etc. This means that outside air (hot or cold) cannot seep through walls causing drafts or cold spots. It also means that hot humid air cannot enter the walls and condense on cold surfaces causing molds, mildew and premature decay.

SEALECTIONTM 500 spray foam insulation is applied by approved applicators, which provides a truly effective method to construct energy efficient homes and buildings. It is a semi-rigid thermo-set polyurethane foam which is a cellular plastic composed of millions of microscopic cells of which most are open. The application technique and nature of SEALECTIONTM 500 make a perfect fit to all cavities irrespective of size or shape. By virtue of its low permeability to air, its adhesion to other building materials, and its flexibility, SEALECTIONTM 500 becomes much more than just insulation. It provides superior air leakage and sound control for residential construction.

SEALECTIONTM 500 is a one step insulation, and air barrier system. It eliminates the labor intensive work associated with air-tightness detailing when insulating with conventional insulation products. SEALECTIONTM 500 is an significantly reduces air infiltration, unlike "loose fill" insulation, which does not air seal the building cavities. Air infiltration robs the insulation of its R-value. The superior air sealing characteristics of the SEALECTIONTM 500 system provides virtually the same R-Value in the field as it does in the laboratory. Cold air in winter and hot muggy air in summer cannot pass through our SEALECTIONTM 500 foam as it can through other insulating materials cheating those products of its performing R-value.

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